Taking Your Cat to the Vet

By April 21, 2014 February 10th, 2015 Freddie's Blog

Hello again! I see a lot of pets coming into Steeples Veterinary Clinic and I know how hard it can be for you to bring your cat for a trip to the veterinarian. Many cats don’t like the carrier and they don’t like the car ride, so heading in for an annual check-up can sometimes be a stressful occasion!

I have some ideas for you on how to make your cat’s trip to veterinarian much calmer for everyone. This is what I know…

How to make trips to the veterinarian with your cat a whole lot easier

Picture this: every time the cat carrier comes out of the closet, you grab your cat and stuff him in and whisk him off in a car ride to the veterinarian.

We cats are sensitive and smart and soon the cat carrier becomes associated with very unpleasant times.

Instead, follow these tips on making the carrier your cat’s friend:

Leave the carrier out at home with the door open so your cat can sniff it, mark it with facial rubbing, and go in and out at will. That’s how he or she gets to feel comfortable with something new: it’s like it belongs to a cat once they get to know it.

Put a soft towel or fleece blanket inside so the carrier is very cozy. Cats like to hide in spaces and have a comfy place to watch the world go by or have a nice snooze.

Put cat food or treats in the carrier. If your cat gets to eat a meal or a favourite treat in the carrier, he soon won’t think it’s such a bad place after all


Try using a pheromone product. These are synthetic feline facial pheromone sprays that can help calm cats during stressful events. Spray a little onto the towel or toy in the carrier before you go on a car ride.

Once your cat is at the veterinary hospital, leave her in the carrier until she goes into the examination room. Set the carrier on the floor, open the door, and let her sniff and come out on her own.

Regular veterinary visits for cats are crucial for keeping them healthy, but getting there can sometimes be a real challenge. Try these ideas to make the next visit a much happier time for everyone!

And that is what I know!

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