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It’s Dental Health Month! | Freddie’s Blog

By February 5, 2015 February 9th, 2015 Freddie's Blog

Hi! It’s Freddie. Yes, I’ve been away, but now I’m back and ready to tell you about all the things I know.

Well, of course you know that February is dental month at Steeples Veterinary Clinic, but what does that really mean? Read more …

It means that the doctors and staff here are focusing on dental care for all cats and dogs. It means that dental disease is so common that we want to bring it to your attention this month.

The best thing I know about dental care is that you have to be aware of what’s going on inside your pet’s mouth. Have you ever had a good look?

Flip the lip along the side or at the front of the mouth and just look at the teeth and gums. Are they red and swollen? Is there a lot of tartar build up? Do you notice pain or discomfort? How about the breath? Not so good?

These are all signs of significant dental disease and can cause pain and ill health for your cat or dog.

But maybe your dog’s mouth isn’t so bad; maybe your cat has only mild gingivitis. Mild dental disease is the first step toward more severe dental disease, but it’s much easier to treat.

Everyone should have a good check-up once a year, and this includes an oral health exam. If you have any concerns about your pet’s mouth, then take him to your veterinarian.

Either the veterinary nurses or doctors can have a good look, answer your questions, and give you direction on how to help, prevent, or treat dental disease.

That’s what I know about that!

See you next time,