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The Importance of Online Reviews

By March 20, 2019 Uncategorized

“Just Google it!” is such a prolific phrase that we don’t even think twice about it. 20 years ago, this was simply not the case. The internet and search engines have changed the social landscape so greatly that businesses and services are completely lost without it. Even well-established businesses can be forgotten about if they do not embrace technology and adapt to this new social landscape. At Steeples Veterinary Clinic, we pride ourselves on keeping as up-to-date as possible with technology. We have an app, an online store, and a reputable online presence in the community. There is one more thing that really helps business and services stay afloat. Online reviews!

Seeing reviews on Amazon can greatly affect your decision in choosing the right product for you. Even local services, like Veterinary care, are hugely impacted by these! Google conveniently organizes reviews to be at the forefront of business information when you are searching around for the product or service you need. These reviews provide great insight for businesses and services to serve you better. Google also chooses who to list first on their page based on various characteristics of each candidate. Affecting one’s ranking on this list is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. Having more reviews has a huge impact on ensuring products or services stay noticeable on search engines and the internet as a whole!

Long story short, the impact of an online review is immeasurable. Even though we have been serving the Kootenays for 20 years before Google even existed, a positive review on Google speaks louder than any of us could have imagined.

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