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March Specials for our Equine Patients

By March 4, 2024 Uncategorized

Tia – Amy (VP of Operations)

Dear Valued Clients,

As the days grow longer and the promise of spring is near, Steeples Veterinary Clinic is excited to bring you our March newsletter, dedicated to the well-being of your cherished equine friends. This month, we focus on two essential aspects of horse care: Equine Floats and Deworming.

🌟 Equine Floats:

Horses require regular dental care to maintain optimal health and well-being. Dental issues can affect a horse’s ability to eat, lead to discomfort, and impact overall performance. This March, let Steeples Veterinary Clinic help your equine companion achieve a bright and healthy smile with our Equine Float services. Our skilled veterinarians are here to ensure your horse’s teeth are properly filed and aligned, promoting better chewing and digestion.

🦷 Equine Dental Health

Regular Checkups are Essential: Horses require routine dental checkups. A dental examination every twelve months is crucial to detect and address dental issues promptly.

Equine Floats Maintain Proper Alignment: Equine dental floats involve filing the horse’s teeth to ensure they wear evenly and maintain proper alignment. This process is essential for preventing issues such as sharp points and uneven wear.

Improves Chewing Efficiency: Proper dental care enhances your horse’s ability to chew food effectively, promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption.

Prevents Dental Issues: Regular floats help prevent common dental issues such as sharp enamel points, hooks, and uneven wear that can lead to discomfort and difficulty eating.

Contributes to Overall Health: Good dental health is integral to the overall well-being of your horse. It can impact their performance, behaviour, and quality of life.


Charm – Caitlin  (Assistant/Summer Student)

🐎 March Special: 10% Off Horse Dewormer !

We understand the importance of preventative care in keeping your horses healthy. This month, Steeples Veterinary Clinic is delighted to offer a 10% discount on all horse dewormers. Regular deworming is crucial for protecting your horses from internal parasites that can negatively impact their health. Take advantage of this special offer throughout March to safeguard your equine friends against these pesky invaders.

Equine fecal egg counts are a crucial tool in maintaining the health of horses. By examining fecal samples under a microscope, veterinarians can assess the level of internal parasite burden in a horse’s gastrointestinal tract. This helps determine if deworming treatment is necessary and allows for more targeted and effective parasite control measures. Regular fecal egg counts can prevent overuse of dewormers, reduce the risk of drug resistance, and ultimately contribute to the overall well-being and performance of horses.

🌟 March Special: 10% Off Floats!

In addition to our focus on horse dewormers, Steeples Veterinary Clinic is thrilled to announce a special offer on Equine Floats throughout the month of March! Ensure your horses enjoy the benefits of a healthy and well-aligned smile with our equine dental care services. Book your appointment now and take advantage of a 10% discount on Equine Floats. Give your horses the gift of optimal dental health and performance this spring!



Blue- Riley (Head Receptionist)


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