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Therapeutic Laser Treatment | Freddie’s Blog

By October 7, 2014 February 9th, 2015 Freddie's Blog

Hi. It’s Freddie here. I want to tell you about something I know: Therapeutic Laser treatments.

There’s a really good treatment available to help you feel better, help your wounds heal, and to help with chronic pain. It’s called Therapeutic Laser.

At Steeples Veterinary Clinic the doctors and animal health technicians use a Class 4 Therapeutic Laser on many conditions. It emits a painless light that penetrates deeply into the tissue and cells and really helps with healing of new and old wounds and with decreasing pain and inflammation in arthritis, injuries, tendon problems, and many other areas.


Our staff at Steeples Veterinary Clinic have been using the laser on dogs with sore backs, on cats with inflamed bladders, on many puppies and kittens after spay or neuter surgery, on dental extractions sites, and on all kinds of wounds in horses, dogs, and cats.

Laser therapy after a neuter

It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t take long, and it even feels good! Believe me, I know. It helped my back feel much better.

So that’s what I know about that.

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